Monday, 25 March 2019

Learn about embedding a Zazzle slideshow on your website or blog

Embed Nifty's slideshow sharer pages on your own website or blog

I've tested it on Blogger, Weebly and self-hosted WordPress.

I've added a new section to the Nifty Zazzle Slideshow Sharer Page that's there to let you (or your visitors!) get the html code to embed the slideshow on your site or blog.

This is what the new section looks like:

It shares brilliantly on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook with the supplied buttons, too. The images when you share are linked to the slideshow. Cool!

A couple of other things:
  • The sharing buttons don't show up on Weebly but they do on Blogger and WordPress.
  • The in-built search will only search in your store, if that's the source for your slideshow. If the source is the marketplace, then that's where search looks. It'll also look there if your source was a collection.

Probably the coolest 😎 aspect about this is the search. Your efforts to get a visitor to your blog / site will more likely pay off when you keep them looking only at your products. Ok, when they click through to the product page, they might get diverted then. But at least while they're on your site / blog, you can keep them looking only at yours.

As usual, without a subscription, you automatically advance to 50/50 referral commission sharing by using your referral id. With a subscription, it's 100% to you.
Note: Because the slideshow is generated live by pulling afresh from Zazzle for each visitor, it also means that if you let your subscription lapse, all existing (and new ones you embed) will revert to the 50/50 approach. It's not planned that way, it's just the way it works for 'live' stuff.

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