Friday, 20 March 2015

ZazMySite Launch - It's Official, lots of excitement!

!!ZazMySite is Officially Launched!!

What is ZazMySite?

  • ZazMySite creates for you web pages or blog posts with product grids
  • It uses a page template and some options you supply, each time you run it
  • The options cover what products to pull from Zazzle for display in your product grid

What will it do for me?

  • You'll have blog posts and web sites to be proud of
  • ..with bells and whistles normally needing a dedicated web designer! For example:
    • your referral id in all product etc links, tracking codes too
    • each product has its own share buttons for Pinterest, Twitter and others
    • cutting-edge mobile / tablet-ready html is generated (as verified by Google)
  • ..and all at the push of a button. Seriously, see later for 1-click-then-preview!


See what people have to say about ZazMySite.

Tell me again what it does?

ZazMySite is a dedicated tool for Zazzle storekeepers and affiliates...
  • It use templates and a database of your options/values to generate blog posts and, for websites, batches of related pages for each desired niche.
  • The product grids it generates are SEO-rich, built to maximize your chances of referral sales and are mobile and tablet friendly.
  • Save your database and reuse whenever - or base more pages on it with a bit of editing!
 I'm happy to answer any questions you still might have in the comments section.

Use on Websites and Blogs

  • If you use a full page template you'll have everything you need for an entire website or website section. Click the image to see my actual Minnie Mouse and Disney web site section.
full-page website section generated by ZazMySite - no manual editing at all :)

  • Partial templates let you create blog posts and content for the "main" section in themed sites like on WordPress.
    Tested on these popular platforms, more to follow:

Mobile and Tablet-ready

    • The generated product grid uses flexbox technology to re-flow the layout to suit the size of screen / browser width being used. Check the WordPress example above.
    • Note that the 'container' you put it in has to allow its own width to change, so it can "squeeze" the product grid. 
    • Here are actual emulations of what the product grid looks like on iPhone and iPad:

    3 modes gently ease you into using it

    •  Simple mode 
    • In-betweeners
      • brings up a few more features and options
      • help for what's new
      • watch the video
    • Advanced
      • full-blown, do-everything
      • first time you can do multiple page generation
      • help for the new features 
      • watch the video

    And the list of benefits goes on...
    Do you need more convincing that it's right for you? Then read on... :)

    SEO Boosted

    • Static product grids mean search engine spiders can see the images, titles, descriptions etc.
      Other tools like Zazzle Store Builder use live rss feeds and the spiders are blind to them.
    • Generated product grids validate on Google as using correctly marked-up structured product data (which is what makes the pins "rich" on Pinterest) - even tastier to those spiders!

    Easy to create complete web sites sections in one go

    • Navigation links are generated between pages, put them where you want with the #navigationlist template tag
    • Easy to refresh / regenerate pages - the spiders love new, fresh content!
    • Easy to base the next website section on a previous section with the save/load options feature 

    Sample templates provided

    • There's a growing list of templates to get you started
      • each one also has a set of example options you can copy and paste
      • makes it even easier to get you going!
    screenshot showing templates page

    Licenses available

    • trial version - no registration, just use it
      • The only limitation with the free trial version is your product grids are limited to 5 items.
      • Still great for blogs, though!
      • Also good for trying out overall site design
      • Try it here
    • MonthlyPlus
      • You get access for up two months with this option
        • The rest of this month (when you buy)
        • All of next month (the month after you buy)
    • Perpetual
      • You get ongoing access, all the time

    Ok, so where can I get it?

    What about discount codes?

    Funny you should ask that... to celebrate the launch, you've got some MASSIVE savings to make... but you better be quick!

    MonthlyPlus License
    Normal Price $9.95
    save $5 with discount code: funtimelaunch
    valid until March 31st 2015 Midnight EST

    Perpetual License
    Normal Price $64.95
    save $30 with discount code:
    valid until
    March 31st 2015 Midnight EST

    If you need more convincing

    This dedicated tool for Zazzlers has been designed by me, a fellow Zazzler (Pro Designer), based on:
    • years of experience as a Zazzle storekeeper
    • years of developing tools to help you promote your store
    • and even more years learning the "technical" side (such as HTML, Javascript and SEO)
    • I'm not an expert, but I measure up quite well ;)

    Much more importantly to you, as my other customers will vouch for, the level of support and care you get when you come into the fold as one of my customers, is a delight - as a search on the Zazzle forums will show.

    I hope you've been intrigued and excited by what ZazMySite can do for you. If and when you give the trial a spin, I'd love to hear your initial impressions in the comments!

    Finally, I'd like to thank the following beta-testers who have helped make sure it's as positive, easy and powerful as can be and works on as wide a range of platforms as it does. In no particular order:
    • +Diane Clancy  "It is super easy to create as many pages or posts as I like and they all can have a similar layout"
    • +Sue Chastain "I was spending 20-40 minutes each time I wanted to create a page of products for coupon sales. With ZMS it takes me more like 10-15 minutes"
    • +Jenice McQuarrie "I love that I can copy html code in and not rely on the Z feed to keep my sites up."
    • +Susans Zoo Crew 
    • William H - TulsaTees
    • Auntie Shoe "This took a lot of work and it shows in the performance"
    • +Nathalie Jean-Bart 
    Thank-you one and all @}-

    ~~Mark (HightonRidley)
    PS Over the next few hours and days, I'll be posting details of competitions and prize draws on the Zazzle Tools Forum topic announcing the launch. Apologies to those without access but I have to coordinate via a single location and that has to be the place.

    Only for the brave or curious ;) If you want to see how it all works for multi-page generation, have a look at this sketch (click to enlarge)

    Still here? Wow, you're tenacious. Here, watch the quick start guide for beginners vid:

    Now go buy the perpetual version - you're obviously the type that would really benefit from it! ;)

    Grab Your Ticket for the 2015 ProBlogger Training Event

    Blogging with purpose

    original post »

    Yesterday we released tickets to the 2015 ProBlogger Training Event on 14-15 August here in Australia on the Gold Coast.

    SANffS84P9dR 9PxbafyuTLUBVLUceKPUIgZRrNVOvc

    As I write this post 560 bloggers, speakers and team have grabbed their tickets (400 of those went in the first 10 minutes) and under 150 tickets remain.

    This year we’ve got attendees coming from all states and territories in Australia as well as attendees flying in from the USA, New Zealand, India and Fiji.

    Attendees not only come from all over the place but come from a wide spectrum of niches (everything from bloggers blogging about Fashion, to Health, to Travel, to Food, to Small Business and much more) and also a wide spectrum of experience levels.

    Here’s the experience levels of attendees broken down (this doesn’t include speakers or team which all come from the 4-5 years or 5+ years categories).

    Screen Shot 2015 03 20 at 12 36 10 pm

    There’s a heap more information about the event over on the PBEVENT page – check out details of the speakers and sessions already announced (more to come) and venue and location.

    I’m particularly excited about our international speakers this year. We’re brining out Heather B Armstrong from Dooce, Jadah Sellner from Simple Green Smoothies, Pamela Wilson from CopyBlogger and Ruth Soukup from the Elite Blog Academy.


    If you’re thinking of joining us the cost for bloggers is just $399 AUD (around $300USD depending on the exchange rate on the day) which includes the two days of training, lunches and refreshments both days, a networking party and slides and recordings of all sessions.

    Many conferences of this type and length cost upwards of $1000 so we’re pleased to have Olympus on board as a presenting partner. Olympus have substantially subsidised the cost of attending for bloggers this year but will also be adding a heap of value to the conference with some training for bloggers on how to take better photos for their blogs.

    If you’re thinking of joining us please don’t wait too long and grab yours here. Tickets will sell out for this event and we’d hate for you to be disappointed.

    Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger
    Build a Better Blog in 31 Days

    Grab Your Ticket for the 2015 ProBlogger Training Event

    Build a Better Blog in 31 Days

    Grab Your Ticket for the 2015 ProBlogger Training Event

    Weapons of Mass Instruction: A 1979 Ford Falcon Converted into a Tank Armored with 900 Free Books

    Fun and Random

    In celebration of World Book Day (today!) 7UP commissioned Argentinian artist Raul Lemesoff to construct one of his famous book tanks. In this case he began with a stripped down 1979 Ford Falcon which he used to build a new roving library on wheels with an exterior framework capable of carrying 900 free books. Lemesoff refers to his militaristic bibliothecas as Weapons of Mass Instruction, and he drives them around the streets of Argentina giving free books to anyone who wants one, as long as they promise to read it. Watch the video above to see it all come together. (via Designboom)









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