Friday, 10 March 2017

New Nifty tool - Introducing the Elastic Bounce Slideshow

My fellow Zazzlers are going to love this. See what the new tool for Nifty gives you - a slideshow with an elastic bounce effect. Nice!

You can find it in this section:!&upgttl=&upgpdl=120&ucssttl=a+title&sssttl=true&spttls=true&sssbtns=true&ssbox=true&vscrh=460&vscrf=right&cpgmw=140&cpgfs=12&cpgfc=777777&cpgbc=aaaaaa&cpgbg=ffffff&cpgdl=0&cpgdf=12&mcslsh=ssshr

Click the image to set up your own or click this link to see the elastic bounce in action.

And, of course, you can share it to all the usual social media.