Wednesday, 12 April 2017

nIFTTTy Share Scheduler now live!

Well, it was all a bit hectic but I'm pleased to say that the nIFTTTy Share Scheduler has now been released into the wild.

My "official" support page for it is on the Zazzle forum, here. Perfect for getting questions answered :)

Here's a video showing you how to use the nIFTTTy Share Scheduler to automatically post the products in a collection to an autopost blog.
  • It starts with setting up the products to work with - the collection
  • Next is setting up the posting schedule
  • Finally, it shows making the Applet in IFTTT (IfThisThenThat)

You also get to see the applet firing and the resulting blog post. All it assumes, if you want to follow along, is that you have an IFTTT account. Get one if you haven't, here.

Get over to Nifty to try it out after you've watched the vid!