Saturday, 30 December 2017

2-step How To: share a hot-linked slideshow of your Zazzle products

Do you want to share a hot-linked slideshow of your collection or best products on Facebook and other social media?

See an example of one I shared earlier

Here's an example:
Of course, yours will have your referral id and tracking code, so you earn the referral commission from any resulting sales.

Make your own slideshow

If you want to follow along, you can make yours with Nifty

a) Start by filling in the choices in Step 1 to get the products you want for your slideshow. You can see the products selected at the bottom of the browser window.

Note whenever you make a change and hit "enter" or tap/click away, the products shown will update based on what you changed.

Also, you can get help on any item by clicking its button with a "?" on it.

b) in Step 2 ...
Click the show/hide button next to where it says "Step 2: Choose your type of promoting" and then the show/hide button next to "Share a slideshow":

Give a title for your slideshow and a unique tracking code that you'll recognise later. It appears in your Referral History report when someone follows one of your slideshow links to Zazzle and buys something.

The final reveal

You see your slideshow when you tap/click either the "open original slideshow sharer" button or the "elastic bounce" one.

From the slideshow page that opens, you can then share on social media using the buttons provided.

Tweaking Nifty - embed-code slideshow search updated

In line with the changes made to the slideshow sharing page to improve the search, we've now made those same changes to the embed-code version.

Here's the embed code version as generated by Nifty, set up to use our Zazzle store, the "motivational" category we've got set up and the "cards and postage" department. Here it is:

Fetching ...won't be a tick!

search (new window)