Sunday, 24 April 2016

Video showing how to create fresh pins for Pinterest each day

Creative juice running dry for your promoting?

Here's a great idea that combines Zazzle's choices each day (you'd think they'd know what is worth pushing) with an easy 1-2-3-done promoting method.

Here's the video showing you how.

For video-haters

I know some people prefer to see the steps written down, rather than watch a video only to find out the tool's not for them - or it's just too long / slow for the way they prefer to find out things.

So here's the steps written down:
  1. Visit Zazzle's homepage and choose which of the things Zazzle is pushing today that you want to run with. Drag the image onto your desktop. This is the one you'll upload to Pinterest
  2. Start Nifty Slideshow Maker and fill in your referral id and a search term to get just those designs. If you're promoting a specific product line, (like invites) use the Zazzle Dept. ID finder (linked) to get the number to use.
  3. Hit the button to make your slideshow. Copy the link it gives you, ready for pasting into the pin in a moment
  4. On Pinterest, at the top right, click the plus-inside-a-circle icon. Then choose Upload From Computer. Choose the image on your desktop you just dragged off Zazzle.
  5. Give your pin a description and choose the board to pin to.
  6. Immediately hot the "see now" button because you've got to paste that link in. Hit edit and in the website box, paste the link you copied just now.
  7. Done!

Nifty Slideshow Maker link

Here's the link to Nifty Slideshow Maker (V2)

See the V2 tab at the top of the blog for details on using it, if you need to - especially international domains and how using them can help prevent you losing referrals.

Good luck with your promoting!
Please share with other Zazzlers in Facebook groups etc. Thankyou!