Tuesday, 25 February 2014

She Believed She Could... So She Did! Necklaces

A gorgeous design. What would it look like with your initials? Click to personalize it and customize it with the different available styles.

tagged with: motivation, inspiration, women, career, success, entrepreneur

Believe you can and you will! Where this necklace as a beautiful reminder to yourself and share this as a gift to a friend. We are capable then so much more then we know. Dream big and shine sister!

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Purple butterflower iPhone 5 case

An amazing iPhone Case design featuring a beautiful fractal. Click to personalize / customize.

tagged with: flowers, floral, butterfly, girly, girlie, girl, digital, fractals, stylish, imaginative, original, floral pattern, unique, creative, floral designs, flower designs, fractal, fractal art, digital art, suevianarts

Beautifully symmetrical fractal design that resembles a mix between a butterfly and a flower. It features a purple floral cross centered on a bigger six-petal flower surrounded by a butterfly-shaped shadow. Products with this very feminine stylish design make perfect gifts for girls and women of all ages. Its subtle purple and lilac shades make it very classy and decorative.

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Custom Pi 3.14 Math Geek Tie

A fantastic tie design. Maybe you'd like to see your initials / monogram on it? Click to personalize and see what it looks like.

tagged with: geek, nerd, dork, math, science, physics, 3.14, forever, infinity, family, computer, computers, calculator, sciences

3.14159...... The perfect tie for your favorite math genius. White background with black repeating text and the standard Pi symbol.

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