Nifty Promo Control Panel Instructions

What's it all about?

It's all about promoting your (or others') Zazzle products. Find it here:


The Nifty Promo Control Panel is free with a 50/50 referral split (dont worry, any royalty commission due is always all yours). With a subscription, your referral id is used throughout - and you can see it is at every step.

It's had a complete redesign and rewrite over the original Nifty Slideshows. It's sparkly clean and much, much simpler to use, aimed at the beginner and seasoned Zazzler alike.
2 steps - get products to promote, choose how / where to promote them

You can see a promo session is divided into two:
  1. decide on products to work with
  2. choose the type of promoting

Oodles of contextual help is always just a click away. Here's an example:

Every time you make changes to your choices, the displayed products update in line with them:

Promotion Tools

These are the promo tools available:

Each of these work on the products you set up in step 1.

Product Grid promo tool

Here's me using the Product Grid promo tool

...and this is what the resulting original product grid sharer page looks like.

(I pulled just iphone 7 cases in step1)


You can see the sharing buttons on the left hand side of that page. Here's me after clicking the facebook share button

The product image it uses is chosen at random - if you'd prefer a different one, close the popup and roll the dice again by refreshing the product grid page.

Here's me using the Individual Products promoting tool in a streamlined twitter session

I'll let you check out the slideshow promoting tool for yourself :)

Ok, that's a quick rundown. More promoting options will be added as time goes on. I'm happy to listen to any suggestions or feature requests you may have so I can take them into account (bearing in mind I find coding real hard). The official place to do it is here.


Some other relevant bits 'n bobs 

*Zazzle have some ifs and buts around what qualifies as a referred sale - you'll find out more if you visit your associate page or the Zazzle forums. Your associate page, if you're logged on, is here:

Department number

You can limit the slideshow content to any Zazzle department. You just need its number. A link to a Zazzle utility is given that lets you drill down to the department you want using the familiar navigation on Zazzle. Once you've reached the right department and you choose it, it will give you the department id.

Find it in more options->advanced options. Here it is:

Category number

You can limit the slideshow content to any category you've got in your store. To find yours, navigate to it in your store's back end like I am here:

Then in the address bar you'll see the category number in the address bar after the cg- just copy and paste that number (not including the cg-)

Tracking codes explained

A tracking code lets you know where your promoting has been successful.

It's a word you make up that will be quoted in your Referral History report on any referral sales arising from the link the tracking code was present on.
You can use letters, digits and the underscore (_) character in your tracking codes.

This is what a tracking code looks like in your Referral History report (when you refer a sale via a link that used one). The link that was successful here used newkdl as the tracking code:

I use tracking codes like nnip_pntrst, nnss_fbk and nnpg_twtr - I'll let you work out where I use those tracking codes ;)

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