Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Tweak to Nifty's live product grid widget

Yesterday I was changing my sidebar product display to show only our business card tempate designs. That led me to want to remove the product names that Zazzle adds to the titles. After all, every single one will be a business card template - no need to take up vertical space repeating that fact for each one.

Nifty allows for that with an option (Step 1->More options->Advanced options):

There's the option, at the bottom of the section

The option is on by default so I just needed to uncheck it and then get the live product grid code:


I added it to my blogger side bar but the Zazzle-added product names were still there. After some digging, I saw that the live product grid widget wasn't even checking to see if they should be added or not and was just going with the default of keeping them in place.

So I put that right, banning the gremlin to the coding netherworld and tried again. Great! The product names were gone - as you can see in the sidebar now.

Another day, another improvement. One day....