Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Monogram Tarantula Nebula Ties

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tagged with: billowing interstellar gas clouds, awesome hubble images, star forming activity, star nurseries, young hot stars, tarantula nebula, triggering star formation, large magellanic cloud, hrbstslr tnlmcsfr, cosmological, formal neckwear

Galaxies, Stars and Nebulae series A beautiful tie featuring the Tarantula Nebula of the Large Magellanic Cloud, which is the nearest galaxy to the Milky Way, our galactic home. This Hubble image shows old stars from the distant past and rich, interstellar gas clouds feeding the formation of new ones. The most massive and hottest stars are intense, high-energy radiation sources and this pushes away what remains of the gas and dust, compressing and sculpting it. As the whorls and eddies clump and stretch it, gravity takes over and the birth of the next generation of new stars is triggered.
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image code: tnlmcsfr

Image credit: NASA, the Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScI) and ESA

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Cute Puppy Baby Shower Invitation for Boys

Cute Alert!

How can you resist this cute puppy design? Maybe you'd like to see your name or initials on it? Click to customize and personalize...

tagged with: invitations, baby, shower, boys, puppy, dog, puppies, dogs, cute, custom, unique

Cute Puppy Dog Baby Shower Invitation for Boys.
This design was created using original graphics by Scrappin Doodles. and Mel's Brushes at MyGrafico.

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Editing Zaps to change the text - Visit the [storename] for more...

This post has come about because one of my Zaps users - hi +Renee Michaels  :) - had a very specific request; to change the text "visit the [storename] store for more designs and products like this"

I could add a couple more configuration items in the next version to make this fully flexible but there's a trade off with making the Get as RSS url too long.

So I think the right decision is to show here how to edit your own clone to make the text as you want it.

To see the pipe's editing canvas, get to the configuration screen and click the Edit Source button:

Once you've done that, you'll see the pipe's editing canvas and all its modules and interconnections. Don't be frightened by the spaghetti mess you see ;)

Use your browser to find the right section:
  • use <ctrl>f (Windows) or <cmd>f (Mac)
  • type visit

 ..and you'll be taken to this section with the word visit highlighted:

The full text in that box is:

    <br><br>»visit the <a target="_blank" href="http://www.zazzle.com/

The final box in that module contains the last part of the phrase:

    </a> store for more designs and products like this

Please feel free to change any of the text in italics in those boxes.

Once you've made the changes, save them by clicking on the Save button at the top right:

To finish off, click the Back to My Pipes link.

Of course, you'll want to check things first, so get to the config screen and set things up so you get an item output (don't use test mode - it skips those pipe manipulations). Look at the results in Firefox and you'll see your changed text.

Well done to those of you who feel brave enough to give this a go!

Keep an eye out for when your recipes next fire and you'll see they're automatically using your updated text.

comments, likes, +1s, tweets are always welcome! :)