Friday, 19 April 2019

Pretty Sweary Things - feminine, elegant designs!

Minors, avert your eyes!

I love these Sweary mugs, pillows, totes and all sorts. Elegant yet sweary. Those mugs look like they could be perfect for the office, lol!

Which is your favourite? I bet you know the perfect 'lady' amongst your girlfriends who would delight in getting one of these!


Focus on: Speed-pinners / tweeters for Zazzle or Society6 stores

There's been lots of enhancements to the Nifty tools recently and ones that I've focussed on a lot in my NiftyToolZ marketing are the speed-pinner and speed-tweeter.

screenshot of a speed-pinner

Why focus on those?

It's that they seem to be the most instantly attractive to Zazzlers.

I see so many Zazzlers using Pinterest and Twitter for promoting, it made sense to focus on Nifty promo tools that work really well down those social media channels.

So my marketing focal points are
  • The "speed-pinner" and "speed-tweeter" names give great clues as to what they do
  • The promise (and reality) of being able to get one for your store in just four clicks carries a lot of weight

Most people think that getting something really useful must take tech-savvy skills and so can't be for them. Yet here's one they can get in only four clicks?

Their curiosity is engaged. And, heck, if it only takes four clicks why not just give it a go?

Get yours

You can learn how to get your speed-pinner in just four clicks.

Other benefits

There's a few more benefits with the speed-pinner, speed-tweeter and unmentioned speed-fb-sharer. They can really easily be
  • tweeted as a new tweet or in reply to one
  • shared on Facebook as a new post on your timeline, on your page, in a group or as a reply. 
  • (pinning on Pinterest, though, is a pain so we'll skip that)
The cool thing is that, when shared, the image and accompanying text of the share is designed specifically to encourage others to do some tweeting / pinning / fb-sharing for you - a multiplier effect.

Here's what a tweet of one looks like - remember this is the speed-tweeter itself being tweeted.

a speed-tweeter tweeted on twitter

I manually added the text and hashtags at the top of the tweet but everything else was done automatically.

Here's a link to that speed-tweeter tweet so you can see it for yourself (and maybe tweet some!)

Find out how to share your speed-pinner, speed-tweeter or speed-fb-sharer in the brief tutorial.