Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Promote automatically from a list of product ids - New Nifty tool coming up

This new tool will give you another way of sourcing the Zazzle products you want to promote (your own or others'), without resorting to using collections. 

One advantage is you can easily edit out any products from the list you don't want to promote (your name here, anyone?)
It's a variation on the nIFTTTy scheduler where, instead of using a feed to get products to share, it uses a list of product ids*. I'm testing and tidying up right now but will keep you posted on this blog.

So how do you get the product ids you want in your share schedule? I've got a new bookmarklet that picks them up from any of Zazzle's search result pages on their main site. Here's the top of the export page
... and when you scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll see where you can copy the list of product ids ready for pasting into the scheduler:

IFTTT will work it's way through the list according to the schedule you set, working just like the existing nIFTTTy / IFTTT combination does right now.

*The product id is the 18 digit number at the end of a product's page url, like this
The bookmarklet is called NiftyZPids and the new scheduler, nIFTTTyZPids scheduler.