Friday, 26 July 2013

Red Phone Box in Royal William Yard necktie

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A traditional British red telephone box sited in Royal William Yard. This is the place that the Royal Navy used to send its ships to for resupply of food and drink. The yard, now converted to residential use, still has buildings named after their trade: Cooperage (where barrels were made), The Brewhouse and Mills Bakery - all Grade 1 Listed Buildings.
The geometrically planted cherry blossom trees are beautifully arranged and soften all the stony angles of the yard.

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Congratulations, enlarged area of The Omega Nebula Greeting Card

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Galaxies, Stars and Nebulae series Like the fury of a raging sea, this bubbly ocean of glowing hydrogen, oxygen, and sulphur gas lies in the extremely massive and luminous molecular nebula Messier 17.
This Hubble photograph captures a small region within Messier 17 (M17), a hotbed of star formation. M17, also known as the Omega or Swan Nebula, is located about 5500 light-years away in the Sagittarius constellation.
Ultraviolet radiation is carving and heating the surfaces of cold hydrogen gas clouds and the warmed surfaces glow orange and red. The intense heat and pressure causes some material to stream away from the surface, creating the glowing veil of even hotter green-coloured gas that masks background structures. The colours in the image represent various gases. Red represents sulphur; green, hydrogen; and blue, oxygen.
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image code: eroton

Image credit: NASA, the ACS Science Team

Fractalius Tree in River Cover For iPhone 5

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A fantasy image of a tree of glowing fractal lines standing in flowing water against a sunset sky. The image manipulation plugin creates dreamy contrasting colors of blue,green and red.

Fresh and Golden Sunflower Personalized Rack Card

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In the language of flowers, the sunflower represents adoration.

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