Saturday, 7 March 2015

ZazzleMySite - latest news

I've been steadily improving the useability of ZazzleMySite in the last two or three weeks. I thought it'd be useful to summarize things here.

There's now three modes you can work in:
  • Simple - best for beginners
  • Inbetweener
  • Advanced
They progressively reveal more sophistication - for example
  • loading a page template first becomes available in intermediate mode
  • does saving / loading settings
  • multiple page generation is only available in Advanced mode

I added a Quick Start Guide to ZazzleMySite for Beginners. It describes everything relevant for the default Simple mode. Just under 10 minutes, so put the kettle on and settle in!

I've been adding various tweaks, including one for when you're generating multiple pages. A new button appears that allows you to restart page generation at the first page again. You know, when you're half way through and spot an error in your template / template values you're providing ;)

I know, it never happens to you, hehe!

I'm planning another vid, one covering advanced mode, and then I'll do an intermediate one.

Those are the major changes recently. And some behind-the-scenes bug squishing. All gone - I just hope they didn't leave any eggs behind to hatch!