Monday, 31 July 2017

Got there in the end - small tweak, hah!

What a week it was last week. I released our NiftyGridZPro Zazzle WordPress plugin having tested it thoroughly. Great :)

I then realized we could remove one of the restrictions. I was unhappy that you could only allow user interaction with a grid on pages and not in posts and saw a way to allow it. A fairly simple tweak.

Here's a screenshot of a product grid allowing interaction:

As it turned out, not so simple. After a few false starts, the team got there in the end. Which is nice!

So the only restriction now is that you can't allow your visitors to interact with grids you put in a widget in the sidebar.

See it all in action on the NiftyToolZ blog, here:

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Hush-hush project now released - NiftyGridZPro

We've spent the last few weeks working on a siginificant upgrade to NiftyGridZ. So significant, our new WordPress plugin is called NiftyGridZPro (and replaces the old one entirely).

One limitation with the old NiftyGridZ was that you couldn't allow visitor interaction with the product grids on posts and widgets. Pages were ok but not widgets and blog posts and it turned out to be one limitation too far to be allowed to stand.

When building NiftyGridZ we hadn't realized how great for the visitor it would be to be able to see, say, just two items on a blog post or in a widget but able to see far more by paging through the product grid contents. Or even to search a grid from within the post or widget.

So with the new NiftyGridzPro you have that flexibility. Now you can:
  • display anything you like from Zazzle...
  • wherever you like on your WordPress site...
  • in whatever size grid you want...
  • allowing for the degree of visitor interaction that makes sense with the way you're using it...
  • from simple (inbuilt) search form and grid navigation elements...
  • all the way up to complete stores
Not bad, hey?

What feature(s) would you like to see added?

Examples of what you can do with NiftyGridZPro
Get your free NiftyGridzPro plugin here and try it out for yourself!