Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Amazon nIFTTTy Share Scheduler released

I'm happy to say that after many sorties into the land of coding confusion (my head hurts!), the new Amazon nIFTTTy share scheduler has been released. You get to it from the Amazon Nifty CPanel as shown here:

It's here:

It's a subscription-only tool because, the way Amazon works, I can't recoup anything in a free version like I can for the other nIFTTTy share schedulers (and the load on our server has to be paid for).

For those of you familiar with the other nIFTTTy schedulers, it works pretty much the same except that the frequent updates to the best seller lists (multiple times daily) makes it easier to work with - the applet never "runs out" of things to share. 

As long as your chosen best-seller list exists, you'll keep getting new things for your applet to pin/share - completely unattended, automated pinning/sharing!

As per the other subscriptions this one's $3.50 per month, which you should easily be recouping after a month or two.
The same limit of 10 IFTTT applets switched on at any one time applies.

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