Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Now share Collections for free with the Society6 Nifty CPanel

Great news! You can now share from your Society6 collections with the upgraded Society6 Nifty CPanel.

Have a look at the screenshot and you'll see where you put in your collection identifier. You get it directly from your browser's address bar when you're viewing your (or someone else's) collection on Society6.

Here's a screenshot showing it:

A couple of points
  • Search doesn't work with collections, so is ignored if you've given a collection id
  • Remember,  your curator id is used in all links (except with the free Nifty Scheduler, when yours is used half the time and mine the other)
  • Search results pages always have 42 products in them (except the last one, which can contain fewer)
  • Collections have all their products on one page. For this reason, page number is ignored for collections
  • For collections, Nifty limits the number of returned products to an absolute max of 120
  • If you pull fewer than are available on a page, your selection always comes from the first ones on the page

As usual, the buttons with give help about the item they're next to, so if ever you forget how to use the option click or tap for a summary.

Here's a link to the above set-up

Enjoy 🙂