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Desiderata, Starry Wingtip, Small Magellanic Cloud Canvas Prints

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A gorgeous design. Click to customize and personalize. Maybe you'd like to see your name or initials on it?

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Inspirational Guidance series The full Desiderata by Max Ehrmann: Go placidly amidst the noise and haste... featuring a starry wingtip of the Small Magellanic Cloud where stars blaze in multi-colored glory through a veil drawn aside.
The poem has inspired young adults who are coming of age since the 1920's and is as popular today as it ever was. It's been given as a gift by loving parents, grandparents, godparents and aunts and uncles as essential life-wisdom ever since it was written.
They've found it to be one of the few ways for such wisdom to get past those raging hormones, giving support to the upcoming generation through their rebellious years and beyond...
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Image credit: NASA/CXC/JPL-Caltech/STScI

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Motivational Words #2 fridge magnet

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Motivational Words series Give some positivity! Here's a great design using motivational word-art. Each time you look at them, you should get a subtle positive boost!!
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Funny Dog postards Post Card

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Beware of the Dog, with a cute puppy beside his doghouse.

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One take on the trending colors for 2014

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One take on the trending colors for 2014
Can you see any of these combos for your spring #wedding ?
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Savvi Formalwear by Sarno & Son originally shared:



New tuxedo trends lean towards new colors, retro vibes and fitted shapes.

When a discussion of wedding trends comes up, it’s easy to forget the groom. However, new trends for color and fit in tuxedo rentals have made the selection process more exciting than ever before. Pantone recently released their color trend predictions for the spring of 2014, and tuxedo specialists Savvi by Sarno were ready to deliver for the most fashion-conscious of grooms. Savvi’s website also offers an online color matching service, making matching up the wedding party as easy as a few clicks.

While tuxedo rentals of the past may have simply been a question of a wearer’s size, today’s grooms are becoming more fashion-conscious than ever before. Celebrity style and red carpet trends have shot the simple tux into the spotlight, giving men the opportunity to express themselves with a variety of flattering shapes and colors. 2014’s Oscar celebration saw celebrities such as Kevin Spacey making the move away from basic black with a stunning navy blue tuxedo, whereas actor Michael Strahan went with an eye-popping maroon three-piece. When seeking out the look for their wedding, spring 2014 grooms should take a look at this year’s hottest trends.

Dinner Jacket Appeal
Grooms that want to lean towards swinging 60’s Mad Men style should consider the dinner jacket approach with their tuxedo. While the pants remain black, colored jackets offer great visual appeal, particularly for grooms who are looking to draw attention away from potential “trouble spots.” Actor and 2014 Oscar winner Jared Leto worked this look on the red carpet to devastating effect, sporting a striking white jacket and red bow tie. 

Thinking Outside The Black Box 
When it comes to tuxedo rentals, black is the most common color men opt for. However, stepping out with color can take your look from basic to brilliant. An easy way to try out this trend is to opt for a darker shade of color, such as navy blue. A huge hit on the red carpet for both men and women, navy is quickly becoming the fashionistas color of choice over black.

Body Conscious Slim Fits
Though not for everybody, slim fits can do wonders for those with the right body type. Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s worked this look at this year’s Oscars in a Calvin Klein tux and bowtie combination. Many slim fit tuxedos offer three or more buttons to drive home the body conscious appeal. Slender lapels help complete the look. 

Old School Charm
Going retro with style is an appealing and trendy look for both men and women for weddings. While many opt for old Hollywood glamour, reaching into the not-too-distant past’s fashion bag is also bang on trend in 2014. This year’s awards shows had celebs like Jake Gyllenhaal working large, crisp lapels and stripes down the legs, giving the feel of the 1970’s. 

Alluring Accent Colors 
Though sticking to one color to compliment the bridesmaids is an easy choice, selecting a matching or contrasting accent color for a tuxedo rental can add great visual appeal to the wedding party, particularly for the photos. Spring 2014’s shades veer towards soft pastels such as powder blue, platinum and soft ivy. Couples that want to stay trendy can also opt for 2014’s Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid.

Men looking to find the best and the brightest trends in tuxedo rentals can turn to industry experts, such as Savvi by Sarno, for all their wedding needs. Savvi Formalwear by Sarno and Son have multiple locations throughout the east coast, including Conneticut, Maryland, Massachussets, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia, as well as online services. For more information, visit