Wednesday, 10 October 2018

New Nifty tool - identfies your sellers not in the Zazzle Marketplace

The new tool is the Marketplace Availability Today Checker Report and is a bookmarklet.
Tool updated to v1.2 - see the new double-check screenshot towards the end

To get it, all you do is drag this Nifty Match Report link to your toolbar. When you've done that your toolbar should look something like this:

That's all there is to installing it. So simple 😎

To use it, first get to your Royalty by Product report in your Zazzle account. Start off with the default of 25 items showing. Here's a random page from mine:

Getting ready to click your new bookmarklet

Next, click your new bookmarklet. I did and after a few seconds, I got this:

Report generated when you click your new bookmarklet

You can see the last 6 items don't have images - these are missing from the Zazzle marketplace. The reason in this case is because I deleted them. If you look carefully, you can see each of them says [product deleted].

So, if there's no image it means the product failed to be pulled when requested from Zazzle's RSS feed mechanism, possibly because it's not present in the marketplace

Possible reasons for not being present in the marketplace:
  • Only G-rated designs can be shown due to the way Zazzle's RSS feed works
  • Marked as deleted - you did this either accidently(!) or on purpose - or something weird is going on
  • Not marked as deleted but still missing?
    • If there are lots like this, try reducing the Royalty by Product Report page size to show fewer items and then regenerate the report
    • Still missing? Click its link (opens in a new tab/window) to get to its product page
    • If that product type (sku) is no longer available (what I'd call "discontinued") you'll see a message to that effect
    • If clicking the link results in a different error page, you've definitely got a problem with it because it's not shown as deleted, it's not discontinued but it's still gone missing
    • Opened ok? See the image below for how to double check as a last resort
Products that haven't been deleted but have no image get a double-check link
If it's not a deleted product, you can double check it wasn't a pulling glitch by clicking the link you'll see.
Got questions? Issues? Want me to check something for you? Get help in the NiftyToolZ, Tips and Support Facebook group


👮🏼‍ Your Data Privacy

Rest assured, as this is something I take really seriously.

Your data can can only be seen by you. I can't track what you're up to. Anyone who knows about such stuff can check the code in behind the bookmarklet to confirm that nothing sneaky is going on.