Saturday, 15 September 2018

9x time-saving with new nIFTTTy Scheduler just released

I've just released the new nIFTTTy Scheduler, now at V3. The major enhancement, and it's massive, is that your schedules can now last up to 83 days - that's if you pin / share at the max of 12 per day.

Yes, that means you can set them going at full steam ahead and leave them to their own devices for almost 3 months! No more having to make a new one every 10 days and deleting the old. What a time-saver!

It works like that only when you're drawing your items from a store, not when you use a collection as the source.  When Zazzle fixes pulling from the marketplace, it should work there too.

As usual, you can mix and match store categories, departments and search terms when you're setting up to use the new scheduler.

Here's a feed url from the old nIFTTTy Scheduler V2

...and here it is for the new V3 one

Do you see the difference?

Great news: All your exisiting schedules (IFTTT applets) will carry on as normal and are not affected by this change.

Try it yourself - remember the only limit for the free version is you can only have 10 active IFTTT applets using schedules at any one time.

The usual referral commission sharing applies, if you don't pay the $3.50 subscription. By that I mean that your referral id is used half the time, mine the other half AND you'll always get the whole royalty amount, if it's your product design that sells.

Don't want to do it yourself? Let me do it for you when you make a donation to my tea jar. The suggested amount is $7.50 and all links will use your referral id meaning you keep ALL the referral commssion. When you make a donation, I'll be in touch for your store details and referral id so I can get it all set up and working away to promote on your behalf. Donate here - I'll be notified and I'll get in touch.


⚠️ Don't be a spammer

Nifty tools, especially the schedulers, are very powerful and easily let you share many, many products in very little time. But they're designed to be used in conjunction with a non-spammy approach - don't just share/pin/tweet and run. No, you must interact, interact and interact again.