Monday, 30 May 2011

V2 of my QC Pro Template Building Guide for Dummies...

[3rd June 2011 Edit: If for some reason the poll gadget is no good for you, get the free Chapter 1 by sending an email to qc-pro [at] dot uk ]

Chapter 1

Great news! I've completed the first detailed "chapter", with the others nearly ready and due in the next day or two.

Free for all

If you're interested and want to learn more, make sure you "follow" this blog and that you tick the relevant box over in the poll gadget in the right hand column.

Everyone who does will receive the first chapter for free. The same applies to any other storekeepers reading this, just "follow" this blog and say you're interested in the poll gadget on the right.


The guide is broken down into 6 major steps and each step is covered by a whole tutorial chapter of detailed step-by-step screenshots showing what to do.

There's a handy overview / quick summary guide showing all the major steps in diagram form, one per page. In the tutorial chapters each major step is shown in detail and each finishes at a logical breakpoint where you can stop and then start again at your convenience.


When I come to sell the complete guide (watch this space!) I'm so convinced that you'll find it easy to follow and put into practice that I'm following Zazzle's example. I'll be offering a cast-iron money-back guarantee, so if you're not completely satisfied, I'll refund what you paid.

There's going to be an early-bird offer, so make sure you sign up quickly!

Not everyone's eligible

A powerful template building guide like this shouldn't fall into the wrong hands, so not everyone who wants it will get it - I'll want to visit everyone's stores as a check first.

Not forgetting

Again, a huge thank you to the volunteers who helped make this guide so effective! Keep an eye on Google Docs for Chapter 1 and I'll be in touch in the next few hours.

comments / feedback not just welcomed but actively encouraged :)