Sunday, 20 November 2011

Testing Google's Adwords for my Zazzle best-sellers

Google Adwords - do they work?

Ok, with the Christmas holiday season just starting, I would expect to see a rise in sales - but how many are down to my Google Adwords campaign?

Well, if I'd been on the ball, I would have set up from the outset the Zazzle tracking code facility so I could tell! 

I've just been into my Adwords account and changed the destination url of each keyword that is gaining impressions (too long at the mo' to do them all, I've got hundreds!).

So come back later to find out about performance. On the face of it, if I get a few clicks per day costing a couple of quid (UK pounds) and sell one or two, then the royalties and referral fees will cover that cost.

If it does, then I just need to increase my bid to multiply the effects.

If it proves successful, I'll pass on my tips here.

Have a great Sunday, me luvvers :>)
(very Westcountry!)
~~Highton Ridley