Sunday, 22 May 2011

Video demo of my QC Pro Guide templates in use

Watch the demo

It's a demo showing how to explode your designs into the Zazzle Market Place using the templates created by my Zazzle QuickCreate Pro Greetings Card Template Building Guide for Dummies. Some good tips as well as an explanation of the Quick Create Product Options drop down (Products for sale, Templates for sale, Templates for reuse by Quick Create).

Watch it on YouTube in HD full screen for best results. You may need to reduce the volume a bit.
comments / feedback not just welcomed but actively encouraged :)

Volunteers selected - everyone else, take one step back!

...and now they're hard at work

A great big thank you to these fine folk
..and thanks also to the following who offered but just missed the deadline:

And the first posy goes to...

Especial thanks go to Lynda of Pretty World who has written a comprehensive review of the guide. Lynda is an extremely competent designer and very well versed in Quick Create and templates.

It is a considered review and addresses pretty much all aspects. I was pleased that she said there were things in it that even she could learn from (Hi Lynda!). So a big smile on my face for that :)

I'm still re-reading and thinking through her feedback to see if I can widen the guide's appeal even further. It's going to be interesting to see what the others make of it.

comments / feedback welcomed :)