Thursday, 16 July 2015

Silent black ninja assassin, armed and dangerous trucker hat

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A gorgeous design. Click to customize and personalize. Maybe you'd like to see your name or initials on it?

tagged with: humor, fun slogans, elbnja, mercenary, ninja assassin, espionage, sabotage, embossed look, spotlight effect, hrfptraz, shinobi, covert infiltration agent

Fun series

A great gift with an embossed-look black-dressed ninja assassin cartoon, with the text as designed saying "shhhh! you haven't seen me!" On an ice-green spotlight-effect background, you can change the text if you like or leave as is, your choice.

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Carina Nebula in Argo Navis constellation Skateboard Deck

A gorgeous best-selling design. Click to customize or personalize. How would it look with your name or monogram on it - why not have a look-see right now?

tagged with: carina nebula, argos navis constellation, carina the keel, star formation, astronomy photography, galaxy stars, space exploration, universe, hrbstslr carnebngcttst, outer space nebulae, gas clouds, ngc 3372, deep space astronomy photography

Galaxies, Stars and Nebulae series: Hubble's view of the Carina Nebula shows star birth in a new level of detail. The fantasy-like landscape of the nebula is sculpted by the action of outflowing winds and scorching ultraviolet radiation from the monster stars that inhabit this inferno. In the process, these stars are shredding the surrounding material that is the last vestige of the giant cloud from which the stars were born. The immense nebula is an estimated 7,500 light-years away in the southern constellation Carina the Keel (of the old southern constellation Argo Navis, the ship of Jason and the Argonauts, from Greek mythology).

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Image credit: Hubble Space Telescope; colour data from the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, Chile

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