Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Blogger Pages - copy and paste promoting

What does this screenshot-rich tutorial do?

You'll end up with a new page or pages on your Blogger blog. If you have a look at the tabs along the top of this one, you'll see some examples of what I mean.

It's all about getting your (or other folk's) Zazzle products "out there" in such a way that you can see how effective your efforts are. If you looked at the examples, did you notice that if you hovered over any of the images or links, the url revealed on the bottom of your browser window shows the tracking code in place? You don't get that with RSS Feeds straight from Zazzle!

This is really crucial because if you can't see where your efforts are working (or not!) then you have nothing to tell you that you need to do more of xyz because it's working or change xyz because it's not.

Bubbles in our world. Logo
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Bubbles. They appear in fizzy drinks, they are emitted from various animals that swim beneath the water, children blow soap bubbles into the sky.

Here is a collection of various products that feature blue bubbles and bubbles of various colors as the major design motif.

Designed by B K Muir, made by Zazzle, you won't find a finer reputation for quality goods, customer service and speedy delivery.

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