Saturday, 23 October 2010

A new day job...

Sabbatical bye, byes

My sabbatical has come to an end, so that my 100% devotion to making and promoting my art now drops back to make room. The new contract I'm working on involves some travel, so there'll be lots of opportunities with the camera, once I'm settled in a bit more and it becomes more routine.

I can also see me working on more Zazzle designs when I'm stuck in a hotel in the evenings, 'real' work permitting!

My Zazzle store activities

In preparation for the end of the sabbatical, I finished off my Halloween series, added a new series for Christmas and filled out my Plymouth and Devon postcards range.

Here's an example from each:

One lady from the USA bought 6 of my postcards featuring Dartmoor Ponies. So thank you, Lucy of New Caney, Texas, your custom is very much appreciated :)

That's all for now, folks!

Until next time, take care, have a really great weekend and good luck in your endeavours!

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