Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Bug fixed in Society6 nIFTTTy Share Scheduler

Fixed a bug in the Society6 nIFTTTy Share Scheduler where products with an "&" in their title weren't getting through to IFTTT be shared.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Amazon nIFTTTy Share Scheduler released

I'm happy to say that after many sorties into the land of coding confusion (my head hurts!), the new Amazon nIFTTTy share scheduler has been released. You get to it from the Amazon Nifty CPanel as shown here:


It's here: http://www.kdl.to/amazon-nifty-cpanel.html

It's a subscription-only tool because, the way Amazon works, I can't recoup anything in a free version like I can for the other nIFTTTy share schedulers (and the load on our server has to be paid for).

For those of you familiar with the other nIFTTTy schedulers, it works pretty much the same except that the frequent updates to the best seller lists (multiple times daily) makes it easier to work with - the applet never "runs out" of things to share. 

As long as your chosen best-seller list exists, you'll keep getting new things for your applet to pin/share - completely unattended, automated pinning/sharing!

As per the other subscriptions this one's $3.50 per month, which you should easily be recouping after a month or two.
The same limit of 10 IFTTT applets switched on at any one time applies.

Find out more about IFTTT

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Nifty Bug Squishing on Slideshow Sharer

I found that when a Zazzle product in the Nifty Slideshow Sharer used an asterisk in its title, it was causing an error deep in the sharer's guts when a new search was being done.

Now fixed :)

I've also made sure that a search from a shared slideshow now uses a representative image from the new search and not the original slideshow (as was happening before).  It was ok everywhere else but not Facebook nor Twitter.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Reverted Large Images changes to the Society6 Nifty CPanel's slideshow sharer

Society6's website was a bit slow yesterday and it played havoc with the changes I'd made to get large images. Instead of getting the images, timeouts were happening whenever the slideshow sharer tried to get them.

Unfortunately I'd applied the same changes to the individual product sharers, doing some minor tidy-ups on the way.

Anyway, in reverting the changes - which means you only get 264x264px images again - I found a bug in the slideshow sharer to do with the image used when sharing on Facebook or Twitter.

What was happening was that if you shared from the initial slideshow, all was well - the first image of the slideshow was used in the share / tweet. But if you went on and used the search box to get different product designs, the image used didn't update in line with the new search.

So I fixed it and it works fine now. It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good ;)

Here's what the Facebook share looks like:

A facebook share - when looking at the post, clicking the image takes you to the slideshow

and here's the tweet:

here's what a tweet looks like - if they click the image in the tweet, they see the slideshow

Click the images to see the post / tweet so you can look at the slideshows, if you like.

Make your own here and try for yourself. You don't have to have a Society6 Curator Id but if you've got one - use it! Your shares could earn you 10% 💰

Friday, 9 March 2018

Society6 nIFTTTy Share Scheduler now uses large images

I found a quick way of getting the larger image from Society6 for the nIFTTTy Share Scheduler tool in the CPanel.

Here's a pin on Pinterest created automatically by the scheduler using the larger image. You can see it now fills the area:


You can see the pin for yourself here: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/332562753727812100/

I'm going to update the other promoting tools in the Scoiety6 Nifty CPanel to use the new (and faster) way of getting the larger image.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Released: Cool upgrade to Nifty Slideshows (widgets & sharer page)

I've applied the same styling changes to the Zazzle Nifty slideshows that I made to the Society6 ones.

Those changes apply to the slideshow sharer page (the original, not the elastic bounce) and slideshow widgets.

All exisiting slideshow widgets and sharing pages will automatically use the new styling. Here's what the slideshow widget looks like:

Fetching ...won't be a tick!

search (new window)

When you share a blog post with a widget like this on Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus, you'll now get the *first image in the slideshow in your share. Cool!

...and click this link to see the new style on the slideshow sharer page

Make your own here: http://www.kdl.to/nifty-slideshows.html

Enjoy :)

*There mustn't be any images in your blog post before the widget for this to work

New slideshow styling for Society6 Nifty CPanel

Thanks to feedback received in the Society6 Promotions Facebook group, I've worked on the presentation aspects of the Nifty's slideshow sharer page and also the slideshow widget.

Here's what the widget looks like now - what do you think?

Fetching ...won't be a tick!

search (new window)

...and see what the slideshow sharer page looks like now

Lookin' good, yes?

If you're a Society6 artist and have joined the curator program you can make your own widgets or slideshow sharer pages here