Saturday, 23 October 2010

A new day job...

Sabbatical bye, byes

My sabbatical has come to an end, so that my 100% devotion to making and promoting my art now drops back to make room. The new contract I'm working on involves some travel, so there'll be lots of opportunities with the camera, once I'm settled in a bit more and it becomes more routine.

I can also see me working on more Zazzle designs when I'm stuck in a hotel in the evenings, 'real' work permitting!

My Zazzle store activities

In preparation for the end of the sabbatical, I finished off my Halloween series, added a new series for Christmas and filled out my Plymouth and Devon postcards range.

Here's an example from each:

One lady from the USA bought 6 of my postcards featuring Dartmoor Ponies. So thank you, Lucy of New Caney, Texas, your custom is very much appreciated :)

That's all for now, folks!

Until next time, take care, have a really great weekend and good luck in your endeavours!

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Sunday, 10 October 2010

A couple of template updates and new stamps

New on the side panel

I've put a newsletter gadget at the very top and a poll gadget further down. The newsletter gadget let's you control whether you get any newsletters if / when I decide to send any.
...and the poll gadget gives me some feedback about you, one of my wonderful followers :)

Postcard follow-on

In my last post, I gave some examples of the Plymouth and Devon postcards I've been working on. This time, I've been working on some stamps to match.

These are US postage stamps and can be used on mail anywhere where you can use ordinary USA stamps. They add a great flair to mailings you send when you get back home to the States. So here's some examples:

full list here

I hope you agree that they make great souvenir stamps!

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Friday, 8 October 2010

Postcards of Plymouth and Devon

Such a let-down in the shops

I've been keeping an eye on the postcards available in the bricks-and-mortar shops in the touristy parts of Plymouth, most notably the Barbican. If you've visited this great city you might have noticed that the ones in the shops don't really "zing" in capturing its real atmosphere.
Nor do they quite do justice to the wonderful scenery and interesting corners you might have discovered on your visit.

Well that's my opinion for what it's worth!

So I reckoned that I'd try my "take" on such things. I know that many folks—maybe you're one of them—really enjoy my unique approach to photography, especially the "fine-art" pieces that I do.

I thought I'd include a couple here to give a flavour.... enjoy :)
full list here

The historic Barbican area

The departure point for many a famous sea voyage or "defence of the realm" types of naval action. If you recall, after some false starts, The Mayflower set sail for the Americas in 1620 from here with a full load of Pilgrim Fathers, Mothers, their children and other puritans with various trades.

Plymouth Hoe—the "High Point"

It was here that Sir Francis Drake finished his famous game of bowls before setting sail against the Spanish Armada and home to the famous Smeaton's Tower.

Dartmoor National Park

The park spans almost 400 square miles and is truly outstanding in it's scenery. It can be a dangerous place for the unwary, too. The weather can change from a beautiful day of sunshine to so misty that you can't see your feet at the end of your legs! And cold, too, in the way that only fog can sap the heat.

And of course, it's famous for the Dartmoor Pony breed, one which can trace its origins, via the Exmoor Pony, back to the last ice age and before.

So, that's a little sample of my postcards... I hope you like them and perhaps enjoyed a little guided tour to remind you of some of the nicest bits—if you've been before, or as an introduction if you've yet to pay us a visit! 

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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Today's Best Award for one of my Halloween postage stamps

Yaay! So Happy...

Today's Best Awards (TBAs) are given by the Zazzle Team each day to new designs in the Market Place that they judge to be, well, the best of those submitted today.

Here is the Creepy Coffin postage stamp that got a TBA yesterday, I hope you agree it's a great design and that you like it too!

There seems to be a slight bias towards new storekeepers in the selection of each day's awards, but as I'm not one of those, it's awarded purely on merit and I value it very highly!

More Halloween items

Pop over to my store section to see the rest of my Halloween range and see which ones would suit your family's Halloween celebrations.

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