Saturday, 9 April 2016

How do I get a clickable slideshow of my Featured Zazzle Products?

Maximum controlable product promotion

Huh? What does that mean? It means that once you've put your Nifty Slideshow on your blogs and webpages, you can control what they show from one central location - your store's back end.

And remember, all slideshow links contain your referral id and tracking code, so you earn money on top of your normal royalties and, with the tracking code, you know where the referral came from.

Imagine, you're sat in the middle of your world-domination control centre and by flicking a couple of metaphorical switches, your will ripples out across the globe. Mwoahhahaha!

Ok, not quite, but the principle is the same.

Featured Products

You know how there's a section in your store's back end called Featured Products? It's in the left hand column, near the top. You can see it highlighted in orange in the screenshot, below.

Well, if you look in your brower's address bar, you'll see the category number for it that Zazzle uses 'behind the scenes'. And that's the magic key to make this work!

The category ID is unique across Zazzle so you don't even need a storename, your featured products category number is all you need.

Make your own Nifty Slideshow

Here's all you need to make your slideshow:

Just change the first number from 238582202591969585 to your associate / referral id
and change the second from 196730684106130585 to your featured products category number

Then paste that into Nifty Slideshows:
Click the button to get the code to paste into your webpages or blogs. The live preview at the top will now show (the default) 35 products from the Featured Products.
I'm double checking the size of the default but if you want your own, add &ps=10 or &ps=50 or whatever onto the end of the feed.

What next?

You could go further and have a couple of slideshows per place you can put them, and then use the qs= to narrow down what each of those slideshows show. For example, I could use qs=fish to just get fish designs from my Featured Products.

I'll leave it you you, dear Zazzler, to play around with that idea :)


You add a product to your Featured Products by looking in the actions drop-down underneath any product in your store's back end (obviously not from the featured products section, they're all already there!) and selecting "add to Featured Products".

Hooray! Multiple Nifty Slideshows per blog!!

I've been trying to remove the limitation of only one Nifty Slideshow per web page and I've managed it! Hooray. It also means you can post as many as you like on your blog or in your blog's sidebar. I'll now go and update the live version of the Nifty Slideshow Maker tool.