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Here's some great things people are saying about Nifty:
...thank you for the kind words about my website. It's been a long journey . . . I've never built a website or worked with Wordpress and at first had no clue what I was doing. I used a WP page builder called Elementor and that helped a lot - I highly recommend it - they have a free version. Mark - I also could not have done this without your Nifty tool!! So thank you!! 
 Kinda says it all :D
Thank you so much for your help and providing such a great tool! Also wanted to let you know how fab that individual product display looks on G+! Well done!
 Always ready to give great customer service
Hi Mark, thanks for sharing your nifty tool with us!!
 Glad to be able to help fellow Zazzlers
Mark - I got the LINKIFY code to work. Fantastic!!
Challenges met and savoured
Love the slideshow zoom on my desktop.
Great effects give great interaction
This tool is amazing! It's very easy to use, I think its going to make adding items to my wordpress website that much easier!
Direct WordPress support via NiftyGridz plugin
Hi Highton - this tool looks amazing!! I'm just starting to build a Weebly website for affiliating purposes and I think this tool will really come in handy
It was a journey for us both!
You are a genius!! Grin I LOVE this tool! I see great things happening with this!
The true genius is in getting the eyeballs!
I have practically a whole site now with the biggest part of the content using your coding, and it is running like a dream.
 We love success stories :)

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