Thursday, 13 February 2020

The Nifty Product Stager Video Maker

Here's an example video made with the Nifty Product Stager Video Maker.

The videos are made in High Definition and look fabulous on social media, Pinterest and YouTube. And what's more, each finishes with a great call to action, as you'll see below.

You can pick, personalize and securely buy at Zazzle 
any of those shown in the video above, here:

If you're a Zazzler, you can make your own video of your most popular products using this demo link in only a couple of clicks. It's really easy, just type in your store name and click as directed.

Sunday, 5 January 2020

How, in 2 clicks, to get a video of your Zazzle store's most popular products

This is my second post showing off the new video capability of the NiftyToolZ. I've learned from the first post that square ones work best / are easiest to place on Blogger.

To get one in just 2 clicks for your Zazzle store and with the minimum of fuss, visit this link and type in your store name.

There's lots more you can do but this is the beginner's way.

The tool also gives you a link to go with your video. Here's the link for this one. You'll get a nice surprise when you visit it!
You'll see that your visitors are able to choose and buy any of the products shown in the video - without additional distractions from Zazzle on the way to adding it to their basket!

Testing the new video maker from Nifty

This is my first test