Saturday, 23 December 2017

Test of Nifty widgets after styles update

I've been working on the styles in the various widgets to make sure images don't use any "extras" that your theme styles might add.

For example, the blogger theme I'm using adds some padding, a border and a drop shadow to all images and this messed up the widgets' prettiness a little.

This post then is to test that the style changes have worked out ok and I haven't broken anything! A list of the widgets is:
  • Static Product Grid
  • Live Product Grid
  • Live Slideshow
  • Horizontal Scroller
  • Vertical Scroller
  • Slider
  • Linkify
The two live widgets pull afresh from Zazzle whenever someone views the page. The rest use the products pulled at the time you made the widget. The advantage of using live is that you'll never get broken links; the disadvantage is you must be able to paste javascript on the platform you use.
As you'll see, that's ok here on Blogger.

Static product grid

Live product grid. As time goes on this will show different products to those in the static product grid, above.

Fetching ...won't be a tick!

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