Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Pinterest Tailored Action Guide - a new tool in the Nifty toolbox

Have you ever looked at your Pinterest Analyics and thought to yourself, "hmmm... it looks all very sophisticated but it's overwhelming 🤪 and doesn't really guide me in what I should do more of"?
Worse, Pinterest's analytics don't take into account how valuable click-throughs on your Zazzle afilliate links are (you know, the ones that include your referral id).

Try it out for your Pinterest Boards

That's fixed with this Tailored Action Guide from the Nifty toolbox. Here's what its output looks like:
Part of the tailored guide output (tan-coloured) with the summary table pop-up shown

The tailored guidance given is on a tan-coloured background and is based on the performance of various aspects of each board and tells you where to focus your pinning effort.

Summary of steps to get your tailored action guide

  1. Get to your Pinterest account's Analytics -> Profile page (there's a handy link given on the tool page for that)
  2. Copy the section labelled Boards with top Pin impressions 
  3. Paste it into the tool page where indicated
  4. Click the button that appears labelled Get tailored guidance 
  5. Follow the advice given on the underlying page, now updated with your tailored guidance

Here's a screenshot showing the help given in step 3 for selecting and copying for step 2: once you've pasted the selection from Pinterest (step 3) and clicked the button that appears, you'll see your equivalent of the screenshot at the top of this post, with the advice tailored specifically to you!

Click here to try it out for your Pinterest Boards