Monday, 31 October 2011

Efficient and easy access to your rf code

One click away...

Wherever you happen to be on the web, wouldn't it be nice to have your Zazzle rf code easily accessible  - just one click away?

Setting it up

Well, here's how...
Look at the right hand side of your browser's toolbar and you should see a search box for your preferred search engine - mine's Google.

Get your rf code from your Zazzle account (where it's called your Associte ID) and copy the number. In your browser's search box. type rf= and then paste in your rf code (no spaces) and then perform the search.

My search looks like this: rf=238582202591969585

Now that you've done it, your browser will remember that search.

Getting it when you need it

(oo er missus!) Next time you need it:
  • click in the same search box
  • start to type the start of the search you performed above (i.e. "rf=" without the quotes)
  • ...and the full code should appear in the drop-down list that appears
  • use your keyboard's down arrow key to move onto the rf code and it will appear in the search box
  • while its there, use your mouse or keyboard to select and then copy it
Job done! Now just paste it where you need (with a "?" or "&" in front of it, depending on circumstance.

Happy Zazzling!
~~Mark (Highton Ridley)