Monday, 15 October 2018

Zazzlers: Enhanced nIFTTTy Pid Scheduler - now save your settings

I got a request to allow the current settings in the nIFTTTy Pid Scheduler to be saved, so have now added that feature. It was something I meant to do but never got round to and the request was the kick I needed to get it done!

saving your settings

To use it, either drag the link to your toolbar or right-click it and choose the option to bookmark it. If you change any of the current settings, the stuff 'under the bonnet' of that link will update ready for you to save / bookmark again.

The only setting it doesn't save is the list of pids (if you've entered any), as that makes no sense.

⚠️ Changing any current settings won't update the bookmarklet on your toolbar, if you 'saved' that way, nor will it update the bookmark, if that's how you did it. You'll have to re-drag/re-bookmark to save your new settings.