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Helix Nebula, Eye of God outer space picture Wristwatches

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Galaxies, Stars and Nebulae series A fantastic colour-composite image of the Helix Nebula (NGC 7293). It was created from images obtained using the Wide Field Imager (WFI), an astronomical camera attached to the 2.2-metre Max-Planck Society/ESO telescope at the La Silla observatory in Chile.
The blue-green glow in the centre of the Helix comes from oxygen atoms shining under effects of the intense ultraviolet radiation of the 120 000 degree Celsius central star and the hot gas.
Further out from the star and beyond the ring of knots, the red colour from hydrogen and nitrogen is more prominent. A careful look at the central part of this object reveals not only the knots, but also many remote galaxies seen right through the thinly spread glowing gas.
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image code: helixneb

ESO/J. Emerson/VISTA
Reproduced under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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2 Cute Bull Terrier Puppies Postage

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One of terrier is in dark chocolate brown and white and the other is in maily white with a dark chocolate brown patch. Each water bowl is in blue and red. The background is bright orange yellow with white bones. This is a digital illustration.

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