Thursday, 26 July 2018

New nIFTTTy scheduler released - with filters!

As promised, I've updated the nIFTTTy scheduler so you can filter out designs you don't want to share / pin automatically. There's also a side-effect bonus - keep reading to find out about it.

Try it here

click to see larger

Using the filters

Here's the lowdown:
  • Remember, the filters remove items from your results
  • You can use one or more words for each filter term
  • You can have the filters apply to any combination of
    • Titles
    • Descriptions
    • Tags
Behind the scenes, nIFTTTy will keep pulling a 'page' of results from Zazzle and applying the filters until it's got the number of products you want. It'll give up and work with what it's got if:
  • it's tried a total of 9 pages to get them and it fell short
  • the last page tried gave 0 products
Once you've set the filter terms you want and where to look to do the filtering, hit the apply filter and recreate product grid button and you'll see the product grid update in line with your choices.

When you're happy, hit the make feed url for IFTTT button and use it in the normal way to make your IFTTT applet.

⚠️ As you probably know, all the Nifty tools rely on Zazzle's rss feed mechanism and right now, one aspect of that mechanism is broken - pulling designs straight from Zazzle's market place. For this reason I've specifically prevented this V2 release of the nIFTTTy scheduler from doing pulls directly from the market place. You'll get an error message if you try.

🙃 Bonus side effect of new version

In the old version of the nIFTTTy Scheduler, when you were pulling from a store, the maximum number of products you could get was 120. If you were pulling from a collection, that limit was 240.

In the new version, you can now get 240 from a store as well.

What does this side effect this mean to you?

It means your IFTTT applets using a nIFTTTy schedule can last twice as long before running out of items. How cool is that? 😎
⚠️ A side note about the side effect: it works because the method used is to keep pulling, advancing the page number each time until enough products are obtained. Zazzle's feed mechanism can only deliver a max of 120 at a time and so this has an effect on the page number you need to give it.
To get the first 240 designs, use a page number of 1. When they run out in your IFTTT applet and you need to get the second lot of 240 for your new applet, use a page number of 3. When it's time to get the third lot of 240, use a page number of 5 and so on.
Do remember that the most you can pull using Zazzle's feed mechanism is 1080 (9 pages at 120 per page).

What about the other Nifty tools - will they use filters?

Not yet - if at all. My reasoning is this. For the individual product sharers, where you pin/post/share using their streamlined processes, you can simply choose not to share what you don't want to.

Until Zazzle fixes pulling from the market place, all the other tools just don't need the filter capability. You'll be pulling from a store or category, perhaps with a search term, or from a collection - and that should be enough to get just what you're after without the need for filters.

For this reason I haven't updated the Nifty Promo Control Panel to use filters (besides, it's hard!😳).

Once Zazzle fixes pulling from the market place, I'll reconsider all options.