Thursday, 7 February 2019

Society6 Nifty CPanel resurrected in new home

We're pleased to bring you the resurrected Society6 Nifty CPanel!
When Yahoo withdrew its YQL service, it completely broke all the Society6 tools. It's taken time to get it (partially) rewritten and transferred to its new home. 
In this new version, the only source you can use is a Society6 collection. Up to 240 products, so get yours ready!
The first tools released are the S6 nIFTTy Scheduler and the Individual Product Pinner/Sharers and we'll bring back more as time goes on.
We're really excited that it's back because of the huge advantage with promoting Society6 gear when compared to Zazzle.

What is that massive advantage?

It's that the success rate is better than with Zazzle for any given effort.


If you've been promoting Zazzle designs for a while, you'll know there are many ways to lose a referral with them - there are lots fewer with Society6!
On the downside, Society6's cookie expires after 30 days as opposed to Zazzle's 45 days. And, even though Society6 gives only 10% referral (curator) commission, in the long run, there'll be a much better return on effort.
Well, that's the theory 😎 Keep an eye on this blog as time goes by to find out!

The small print

As usual, it's free to use on a 50/50 referral (curator) split. A little later there will be a membership option where the links will always use your curator id instead of for just half the time.