Friday, 12 April 2013

Family time with Jig-saw puzzle Logo
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Taking time to set aside to share in family activities, is sometimes a difficult task. One must plan to share time during these busy days.

Some of the most memorable times that I remember from growing up, is when the family sat down to piece together jig-saw puzzles. As we were younger it was a small puzzle with 20-50 pieces. As we grew older, more challenging images with more pieces were chosen. 1000 to 2000 pieces seemed to be optimum.

If the number of pieces were not challenging enough, the image itself might be a challenge. I remember one eye-throbing "pop art" piece with red background and thin, bright red and blue lines radiating out from the center (a gift from my brother). I responded with a gift of a silver mirror face.

See if you can find something stimulating and challenging in the puzzles offered at Zazzle by various shop keepers.

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