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Monogram Tarantula Nebula deep space picture Lamps

A gorgeous outer space lamp design. Fill your room with these amazing colours! Click to fill in and see it with your monogram initials.

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Galaxies, Stars and Nebulae series A section of the Tarantula Nebula. The Tarantula is situated 170,000 light-years away in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) in the Southern sky and is clearly visible to the bare eye as a large milky patch.
Astronomers believe that the LMC galaxy is currently going through a violent period in its life. It is orbiting around the Milky Way and has had several close encounters with it. It is believed that the interaction with the Milky Way has caused an episode of energetic star formation - part of which is visible as the Tarantula Nebula.
Just above the centre of the full image there is a huge cluster of very hot stars called R136. The stars in R136 are also among the most massive stars we know. R136 is also a very young cluster, its oldest stars being "just" 5 million years old or so. Its smallest stars, however, are still forming, so astronomers observe R136 to try to understand the early stages of stellar evolution. Near the lower edge of the full image we find the star cluster Hodge 301. Hodge 301 is almost 10 times older than R136. Some of the stars in Hodge 301 are so old that they have already exploded as supernovae. The shockwave from this explosion has compressed the gas in the Tarantula into the filaments and sheets that are seen around the cluster.
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Image credit: This mosaic of the Tarantula Nebula consists of images from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2) and was created by 23 year old amateur astronomer Danny LaCrue. The image was constructed by 15 individual exposures taken through three narrow-band filters allowing light from ionised oxygen (501 nm, shown as blue), hydrogen-alpha (656 nm, shown as green) and ionised sulphur (672 nm, shown as red). The exposure time for the individual WFPC2 images vary between 800 and 2800 seconds in each filter. The Hubble data have been superimposed onto images taken through matching narrow-band filters with the European Southern Observatory's New Technology Telescope at the La Silla Observatory, Chile. Additional image processing was done by the Hubble European Space Agency

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Yin Yang Cats Necklace

A gorgeous design. What would it look like with your initials? Click to personalize it and customize it with the different available styles.

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Asian-inspired design features two ying yang cats on this beautiful necklace!

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D.J. Metal Industrial Scratched Iron Black Business Card Templates

An impressive metallic-effect business card design. How will it look with your name and business details? Click to personalize and find out!

tagged with: drummer, metallic, urban, heavy metal, grunge, simple, cool, musician, dark, d.j, rocker, minimalistic, punk rock, rebellious, silver metal, emo, iron, masculine, tough, bad boy, tough guy, drums, iron worker, construction, maura reed, personalizable, personalisable, customize, template, customisable, personalize, industrial, black, weathered, scratched, texture, textured, corporate, elegant

An unique yet minimalistic approach to the business card. Worn iron look brushed metal surface. A cool alternative style card great for heavy metal musicians, drummers or anyone with a bit of a rebellious streak. Easily customizable - add, arrange and re-size text as desired.
Minimalistic Linen Business Card profilecard
Minimalistic Zen Business Card profilecard

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Lost Alien with blue spots, Take me to your leader T Shirts

Featured Product!

A gorgeous design. Click to customize and personalize. Maybe you'd like to see your name or initials on it?

who do you know that would like one of these? A special design by HightonRidley,
another talented creative from the Zazzle community!

tagged with: fun slogans, pbslawt, blue-spotted, pink alien, trunk, antennae, humor, outer space visitors, your leader, hrfptraz, humour

Fun series A great t-shirt with a blue-spotted alien, lost and looking for the party.
You can change the text which, as designed, says "Take me to your leader"

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Black Panther Necktie Tie

A fantastic tie design. Maybe you'd like to see your initials / monogram on it? Click to personalize and see what it looks like.

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Go get 'em tiger!

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Desiderata - Fine Art Pony Head and Mane Print

A gorgeous best-selling design. Click to personalize. How would it look with your name or monogram?

tagged with: full desiderata, desiderata poem, go placidly, noise and haste, dartmoor ponies, black and white fine art, wild horses, hrbstslr hrmon251, fineart wallart, hrfptraz, inspirational wall art, guidance, peace, wisdom, verses, gallery poster prints, mono, grazing dartmoor pony, art photos, free running, monochrome, animals

Inspirational Guidance series The full Desiderata by Max Ehrmann: Go placidly amidst the noise and haste... Featuring a fine art black and white image of a pony emerging from the gloom and quietly grazing in the UK's Dartmoor National Park.
The poem has inspired young adults who are coming of age since the 1920's and is as popular today as it ever was. It's been given as a gift by loving parents, grandparents, godparents and aunts and uncles as essential life-wisdom ever since it was written.

They've found it to be one of the few ways for such wisdom to get past those raging hormones, giving support to the upcoming generation through their rebellious years and beyond...
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