Thursday, 27 December 2018

ZeBookFreeC - free, family-friendly eBook Collectibles store

Each eBook in the ZeBookFreeC store is family-friendly and free!

The first library room opened is dedicated to ebook collectibles of the artwork of big media brands. Think Marvel, Harry Potter, Olivia the Pig, Despicable Me, Supergirl and similar. There's also collectibles from well-known independent artists (like Sandra Boynton).
ebook collectibles of much-loved characters, superheroes and pop culture

If you have a Kindle, then the mobi download is for you. For every other ebook reader, such as iBook on iPad, the Nook reader and so on, you'll want the epub download.

Why collectibles?

The collectibles are designed to allow you to enjoy your favorites as well as to build up collections for posterity. Imagine that, in an online world of nothing but change, here's a way to capture them for the future.

Each features one artwork per page that's helpfully linked to its buy-me page at the official brand / artist merchandise store, in case you want to build a physical collection as well.

The collectibles each either contain the artwork on posters or on postcards (and sometimes wrapped canvas) but the stores allow you to transfer the artwork onto other merchandise, if that's what you want (Olivia the Pig lunchbox anyone?)

If you're a parent with young kids, you can spend some quality time with them, letting them swipe their way on a journey of their much-loved characters, and having a laugh and a giggle together remembering their escapades on the way.