Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Thick and fast...

[3rd June 2011 Edit: If for some reason the poll gadget is no good for you, get the free Chapter 1 by sending an email to qc-pro [at] highton-ridley.co dot uk ]

[Edit: All done now, guide completed.. sign up for your free chapter as per the below]

I've been busy...

..getting some more chapters of my QC Pro Template Building Guide for Dummies done. I've now completed the first four chapters! They're all brimming with screenshot...

Have a look...

..at the first chapter. Every follower who ticks the box in the poll gadget will get one.

If you're not sure what the guide is about and also to see honest feedback, have a look-see at the Zazzle Create forum where it's being discussed.

Your privacy

A quick note for those concerned about privacy..

You won't be revealing your email address to me, as Google keeps it concealed while still allowing me to send you 'newsletters'.
As a matter of fact I don't even know who is signed up for them, let alone their email addresses.

And you can opt out of receiving them at any time - again, handled between you and Google via a link automatically included with each newsletter.

comments / feedback not just welcomed but actively encouraged :)