Friday, 12 October 2018

Zazzlers: Introducing the Royalty Page Totalizer bookmarklet

Sometimes the simple tools are the most used and I think this one might be one of those.

So many times I've wanted to quickly add up the royalty amounts on a page in my Royalty History Report and it's a bit of a pain. Good mental arithemtic exercise, I know, but not every time, please!

So I've built the Nifty RHP Totalizer bookmarklet (RHP = Royalty History Page). It totals the amounts in the final column of the page - that column's currency is always the same and is the currency you've set in your account.

results of clicking the bookmarklet on one of my RHP pages
(Now at v1.1 to fix a recurring decimal digit issue that cropped up sometimes)

To get the bookmarklet, drag this link to your toolbar: Nifty RHP Totalizer and that's it done!
Here's a video showing you that - you may want to view it at full screen

To use the bookmarklet, just get to any page in your Royalty History Report and cick it. It really is that simple.

Installs fine in Firefox (and others) but in Chrome (just on Mac, ok on PC) you have to jump through hoops. More info about installing a bookmarklet in Chrome here: (opens in a new window)

After a while, you'll wonder how you did without it!


👮🏼‍ Your Data Privacy

Rest assured, as this is something I take really seriously.

Your data can can only be seen by you. I can't track what you're up to. Anyone who knows about such stuff can check the code in behind the bookmarklet to confirm that nothing sneaky is going on.