Sunday, 24 July 2016

Reminding myself about ZazMySite

There was a question on the Zazzle forum by Paul Stickland about prouct grids. In Zazzle's recent blog post about updates to their rss feed mechanism, they had a screenshot from a website as an example.

Paul's question was, how was that product grid created? I've had my head stuck in Nifty slideshows and Marvin the Guidebot recently and had forgotten about ZazMySite.

Here's an output from it:

Strangestore Cuties

Funny Little Black Cat Woman's T ShirtFunny Little Black Cat Woman's T Shirt

Funny Owl BinderFunny Owl Binder
Funny Owl Binder
$27.40 USD

Cute little more

Black Cat Business CardBlack Cat Business Card
Black Cat Business Card
$28.05 USD

Create your more

Three Funny Black Crows Two-Tone Coffee MugThree Funny Black Crows Two-Tone Coffee Mug

Two Cute Robots Funny T-shirtTwo Cute Robots Funny T-shirt
Two Cute Robots Funny T-shirt
$41.45 USD

Cute friendly more

Not the same but close :)

Zazzle promoting buddy for newbie storekeepers

EDIT July 2017. This no longer works.
Here's a great little promoting buddy for your store.

For starters, you get a slideshow of your store's top 50 performing products that you can easily share on Pinterest - just click the pin button you'll see.

Next, it's stupidly simple to share any product shown on Fabeook. How?

When you're looking at the slideshow in one window, and Facebook in another, you drag an image right off the slideshow and onto a Facebook status update. It really is that simple!

Note that you have to start the status update first by clicking it.

Just adjust the following before you copy and paste into a new tab:

How do you adjust it?
Simple, replace my store id (hightonridley) with your own and do the same for my referral id (238582202591969585)