Saturday, 14 April 2012

Protective Eye of Horus electronics cases from Highton Ridley Logo
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The Eye of Horus has been recognised as a protecting amulet since the days of ancient Egypt and now you can get it on protective cases for your electronics products.

All major phones and tablets are catered for, designed by Highton Ridley, printed and supplied by Zazzle - satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! A brighter today for a safer tomorrow :)

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Callas on White Lace Wedding Items Logo
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Delicate calla lilies on white lace grace this line of elegant wedding products. Order matching save the date cards, stamps, invitations and other items customized by you for that special day. Click on any image to see the item in more detail in my store. If you like my work then please share it with your friends by clicking the social network buttons below. Thanks!

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Using the Zazzlit Email Builder to promote from the Zazzle market place

If you've already used my Zazzlit email builder to feature gear from your own store on promotion blogs, this will be really easy...

Here's how to feature products from the Zazzle Market Place in a Zazzlit

You'll need the link to my Zazzlit email builder: (opens in a new tab / window)

Step 1

Blank out the storename:

Step 2

Choose other for the link text (the link that goes after the description you write to go with your Zazzlit) - yes, I know it says Store name link text, but in this case you're not giving a store name. And because the link will go straight to Zazzle, you need to make it say something appropriate; here I've said more great designs from Zazzle:

Note that it will use your referrer id and tracking code

Step 3

Decide on the search text / tags you want to use to draw products from the market place. For this example, I've used titanic%2Bposters: (remember, no spaces, use %2B instead of spaces)

Note that these aren't used in the link at Step 2

See the results

You can see the results of the example I've used here in my last post, here: (opens in a new tab / window)

So that's how it's done...

That was nice and easy, wasn't it?  Now get promoting the best gear from the Zazzle Market Place and watch the royalties trickle / roll / flood in ;)

Happy Promoting!

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