Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Nifty is moving home...

From the very beginning, Nifty has been living as a lodger on my domain. Great news - it now has its own place at

At the same time it's gained some new features to help develop a brand new, real-world sales channel, overlooked until now and therefore ripe for the harvest.

You'll also be pleased to know that it's had a good sweeping out of the dustweby corners and that caught me a few unusual-circumstance bugs.

It's new home is here:

The New Nifty enhancements

Here's a quick summary:
  • Improved handling of description lengths when displaying products
  • Improved product grid display on mobile and tablets
  • Much-improved search facility on slideshows (widget and sharing page)
  • The Live-print Catalog announced in the last newsletter has been refined and improved
  • Make a QRCode graphic for your slideshow or product grid in Nifty and use it in your marketing support designs - they're great on the backs of your business cards.
  • Multifeed option, there for when you need it. Simply ignore it and all tools will work as they do now
Make a QRCode for your product grid sharer page in the following section of Step 2

As the screenshot says, there's a similar button in the 'share a slideshow page' section so you can choose what's best for any given purpose.

Here's one I made for my fine art collection. It's for a product grid page because I like the way they work on mobiles. It's quick and easy to swipe up and down through the product designs.

your mobile camera app should recognise this automatically and
offer to open the web page in your device's browser

If you've not used QRCodes before, you're part of a shrinking population! They're almost second nature to millennials and younger peeps. Most camera apps on mobiles and tablets recognise them automatically and when they do, they offer to open the page in the device's browser.

They're great to put on your marketing material and give one more avenue by which potential customers can reach your designs! Real marketing pros will love the added reach this gives.

Why not point your mobile at the QRCode and see what happens?