Monday, 16 January 2017

Nifty Slideshows displayer page now fixed

Great news :)

Google recently withdrew its feed api and that broke the Nifty Slideshows toolset. Today I fixed the displayer page, so any previous slideshows you made and shared on social media are all ok again now.

I've still got to fix the slideshow generator page - it's a big job so I need a handful of days or so to sort that one.

I know the generator had so many options and ways of using it that the whole page got confusing for peeps. This gives me the chance of reworking it so it's much simpler to use for everyone. It'll be a few days before I even start on the fix while I cogitate on that!

Meantime, here's a link (click the image) to the displayer page so you can see it's working again. The slideshow showcases my Zippo lighter designs:

I've not been able to do any fancy transitions between one slide and the next. I don't know how - yet - but it's on the to-do list.