Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Zazzler Volunteers wanted to test my new Quick Create template guide

Could this be you?

Are you a Zazzle storekeeper? Do you have consistently good designs in store? Are you passably ok with templates and Quick Create?

At this stage I'm looking for volunteers - maybe five or so - to give my guide a run through and provide any feedback before I offer it to everyone else. To be eligible, volunteers will have stores with consistently good designs and have at a minimum a passable working knowledge of creating templates.

This is a valuable guide and used wisely it could significantly boost your revenue (as long as you keep on with your marketing efforts!).

What need does this template guide meet?

  • It helps you create template sets that can be run in Quick Create to quickly produce up to 100 cards for the Market Place at a time.
  • Each template in the set will have a unique combination of font variation, background image and design image for the front.
  • The templates will also have tags and descriptions that are specific to each combination, maximising the exposure to those lovely, friendly search engine spiders!

Zoom in to the images (ctrl+ for Windows users) to read the rest of the blurb...

Front page of my Quick Create Template Guide

Concepts page

Preparation page

Interested in volunteering?

You can find full details here on the Zazzle Forum

Happy Zazzling :)
comments / feedback not just welcomed but actively encouraged :)