Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Zazzlers, get this free new tool: NiftyZSort bookmarklet

get the bookmarklet here
drag this link: NiftyZSort to your toolbar

This brand new tool adds new sort options for products in your store's back end. It'll also guide you in your promoting by helping you to choose what to promote.
Ok, onwards.. we're going to visit any old page in our store's back end and then sort the entries there. We'll use the bookmarklet to sort by views but you can sort by any of the stats Zazzle lists.


Here's my store's back end. To prepare, I've navigated to the Cards & Postage department, chosen to view by Orders (all time), set the page size to 48 and moved to page 5. This is my starting point as you can see in the screenshot.

You could start anywhere you fancy, maybe in a category for a specific department, or without (but it doesn't work for collection pages).

End result

First, here's the end result so you know where we're heading....

To get there...

So this is how I got that. I clicked the NiftyZSort bookmarklet and typed in 20 sviews - see the below...

Here's the results of a different set of choices: 20 salltimeperf reverse

Get your NiftyZSort bookmarklet here

NiftyZSort - just drag that link to your toolbar and you've got it ready to use on your store's back end. Yup, that's all you do to install it! Give it a try, right now!

It's already transforming my understanding of my sales, and I've only been testing it so far! Why not give it a whirl and see how well it guides you on your promoting 😃

Finally I'd love to hear your feedback in the usual places - comments here, in the Zazzle forum or on the NiftyToolZ Facebook group.

EDIT: 29th June: Enhancement added. The Product Ids of the top 'n' (as set in the config screen) performing products are included as a comma-separated list. We've done this to make it easy to build a nIFTTTy Scheduler applet in IFTTT to auto-promote them.

EDIT 11th May: Enhancement added: export now contains a column for Product ID. Bug fixed: it wouldn't do an export unless a sort was done at some time in the session. Fixed.

EDIT 8th May: Enhancement added: Modified the Page Summary to make tracking in a spreadsheet easier. It now includes today's date and tabs to separate the numbers from their labels. Now you can just copy and paste, right from the summary page into your spreadsheet. Tested and works with Firefox, Safari, Opera but not Chrome, which prevents copying from alert boxes.

Please delete the old bookmarklet and 
redrag the updated link below to your bookmarks toolbar

EDIT 10th May: Only the zazzle.com domain is supported, so we added an enhancement for locales using the UK date format day-month-year. It's only for the detailed stats export and makes it more useful.
Spreadsheets are bad at understanding dates in a different format to their locale settings, so if your normal date format is day-month-year, this is definitely for you. To use it, instead of using export, use exportukdates in your config screen.

EDIT 9th May #3: final bug fixed in displayed date for Last Viewed Date. When it was "within last 24 hours" it wasn't converting it to a date correctly. Now fixed.
Please delete the old bookmarklet and redrag the updated link below to your bookmarks toolbar

EDIT 9th May #2: bug fixed in displayed date for Last viewed. To see it, include the word "export" (no quotes) on the config screen. It's mentioned in the instructions.

EDIT 9th May: Enhancement added: Now export the stats for all products on a page for analysis in your favourite spreadsheet.

EDIT 7th May #2: Enhancement added: You now get a page summary showing totals and averages of all products' existing number-based stats. It lets you compare performance of, eg, different categories, different departments or designs (pulled up by searching) or any combination that makes sense.

EDIT 5th May #2: Enhancement added: You can now sort by the product's title. This can help when you want to work on your titles, editing them for SEO purposes

EDIT 5th May: Fixed another bug when sorting by Last Viewed.
Fixed bad behaviour when cancelling from the choices dialog.
Enhancement added: the sort order stats line being used is highlighted in dark violet.

EDIT 4th May: Fixed bug when sorting by Last Viewed
EDIT 3rd May: Updated to allow sorting by any of the date stats and also the royalty