Sunday, 26 November 2017

Working on the Amazon Nifty CPanel

I've been working on the various tools available via the Amazon Nifty CPanel. I found a slight hiccup in the share-by-email, now fixed. A word of caution - the share by email tool is ONLY for autopost blogs. If you use it to send emails to real people, Amazon will shut down your account faster than you can say "affiliate".

An autopost blog is one where you have set up a secret email address that, when you send to it. will publish the contents on the blog.

Blogger has inbuilt support for this. With WordPress, you need something like the JetPack plugin to give your blog the autopost capaability.

This post uses a vertical scroller, code generated by the Amazon Nifty CPanel.

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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Official Launch: Amazon Nifty CPanel for Amazon Affiliates

Now officially released!

If you're already an Amazon affiliate then this is for you. The new Amazon Nifty CPanel brings you all the ease and convenience of the Nifty for Zazzle you already know and love.

Here's the list of promoting options available in Step 2:
  • Individual product sharing, streamlined for
    • Pinterest
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google Plus
    • Email sharing to autopost blogs only - do NOT send to real people as this will get you banned as an affiliate from Amazon so fast your feet won't touch the ground!
  • Generate HTML code for pasting into websites and blogs
    • Static Product Grid - pure html
    • Live Product Grid - html and javascript
    • Live Slideshow - html and javascript
    • Horizontal Scroller - pure html
    • Vertical Scroller - pure html
    • Slider - pure html
    • Linkify text - pure html
Individual product sharing works best for social media - and autopost blogs in the case of email sharing.

All the pure html options in the code generation section also include embedded style sheets, so will only work if your blog / site supports them in pasted html code.

Google's Blogger is an example of one that supports all the code generation options, as well as the email sharing (to your secret email address) to create blog posts.


PS As this is a new release I'd really appreciate getting your feedback in the comments. Thanks!

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Live product grid from Amazon code generated by Nifty

One of the code generation options in the upcoming Nifty Amazon Promo Control Panel is a live product grid. "Live" means that it is pulled afresh from Amazon for each visitor.
As these come from Amazon's best sellers lists, you'll always see the trending products as voted for by people's wallets.
Here's the best sellers from Home and Kitchen (first page).

Nifty Amazon Promo Control Panel is getting there

I'm happy that progress is going well with the new Nifty Amazon Promo Control Panel :)

As well as the code generation for horizontal and vertical scrollers I posted about yesterday, the following code generation option are now working as well:
  • linkify
  • static product grid
  • live product grid
  • slideshow (always pulls live from Amazon)
And here's the slideshow in action:

Fetching ...won't be a tick!

Cool, hey?

Monday, 20 November 2017

Progress on the Amazon version of my Nifty Promo Control Panel

I've been working on a version of my Nifty Promo Control Panel for Amazon associates. I'm making good progress with the code generation options.

Here's a horizontal slider it made of the second page of the best sellers in the Kitchen and Home department as of today: